The Beauty of Kinbaku
Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese

(August, 2009)

"The beauty and art of Kinbaku that was born in Japan has gradually been spreading around the globe. Regretfully, even though the Japanese have a responsibility to correctly present this art form to others, no Japanese has done this so far due to the language barrier. This might have been expected given the relatively 'closed' society of Japan.

However, it has often been the case that some foreign observers are more keenly aware of the best, most unique aspects of Japan's culture, and this is true of the world of Kinbaku. People overseas have begun to become interested … and Master “K” is the most notable and expert writer-researcher among them on this subject. It is especially remarkable that he has touched upon the very essence of Japan's culture in his excellent work and, by so doing, has provided the Japanese with a chance to get to know anew the historical background of their own art.

It is a great pleasure to realize that Kinbaku will be more appreciated worldwide thanks to people like Master “K.”

Arisue Go (Tokyo, Japan)"

Arisue Go-
author, kinbakushi
Review/comments translated from the Japanese

For those unfamiliar with the name Arisue Go, Arisue sensei is one of the most well known bakushi (rope masters) in Japan. He is the author of 4 "how to" books on shibari/kinbaku and last year published a book of comic short stories with SM themes. He has produced many video programs and has been in demand to tie famous models, actresses and even female wrestlers for glossy photo books and magazines. Among decades of credits he recently did the bondage rigging for the hit mainstream films "Flower and Snake 1 & 2" (both based on the famous novel by the legendary Oniroku Dan) and appeared in the documentary “Bakushi,” directed by Hiroki Ryuichi. This past year he successfully toured Denmark and the Ukraine demonstrating his style of kinbaku.