The Beauty of Kinbaku
Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese

(April, 2010)

Dear Master "K",

Thank you very much for your history of kinbaku, "The Beauty of Kinbaku."

I first heard of your book from Ms. Nakahara at the SM Library … when I looked inside it I was extremely surprised and impressed. Was it really possible that a book that explained Japanese kinbaku in such depth existed? I don't think a book like this exists even in Japan. I felt extremely embarrassed that those of us Japanese who are involved in kinbaku have never produced such a book. Master "K," I am sure you put a tremendous amount of effort in producing this book. I am so impressed by your devotion and passion. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As for your plans to visit Japan in May, it is I who must beg the favor of a meeting with you. I look forward to it greatly.

With sincerest regards,

Naka Akira

Naka Akira-
Review/comments translated from the Japanese
For those not familiar with the name Naka Akira, Naka sensei is considered one of the most accomplished of the younger professional bakushi (rope artists) currently working in Japan. Similar in stature to Mai Randa and Marai Masato, Naka Akira is also considered the only true deshi (disciple) of the great Nureki Chimuo. A master of traditional kinbaku techniques, he has worked for Art Video, Cinemagic and other well known video, film and book producers for many years. His exquisite DVD series "Nawaetsu" ("Rope Joy") is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful and intense series of kinbaku art studies to be produced in recent times.

As famous as his kinbaku is Naka sensei's full body tattoo, created by the master tattoo artist Horitoku. This beautiful piece of body art has made Naka Akira one of the most recognizable and famous bakushi in Japan today.