The Beauty of Kinbaku
Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese

(July 1, 2009)

Dear Master “K,

Thank you for this book.

You have done a most impressive job of researching and writing it. You not only know my own rope style very well but you also know the entire history and development of Japanese bondage (kinbaku). 
Even the Japanese haven't put such a book together! It's wonderful how you've collected this material for us. 

Well done!

If you come to Japan, please stop by and visit.

As a gift I enclose an example of my own calligraphy. The kanji are                 (“Rope Games”).

Yukimura Haruki

Yukimura Haruki-
author, producer, kinbakushi
Review/comments translated from the Japanese

For those unfamiliar with the name Yukimura Haruki, Yukimura
sensei is one of the greatest Japanese bakushi (rope masters). He is
the author of numerous beautiful books and the producer of countless video programs. Among a lifetime of credits he recently did the
shibari for the mainstream film “I Am an SM Writer” (based on a
semi-autobiographical novel by the legendary Oniroku Dan) and
appeared in the documentary “Bakushi.”  Both films were directed
by Hiroki Ryuichi.