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The Beauty of Kinbaku
Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese
Now, for the first time in English, a book which tells the complete story of the remarkable, sensual and provocative world of Japanese erotic bondage. This completely revised and updated second edition, written by renowned authority and teacher Master “K”, draws upon his 40 years of interest, study and practice, much of it in Japan and is the most comprehensive volume on its subject. Since its debut in 2008 it has been embraced world-wide as the definitive reference. In fact, it continued as a bestseller when translated into Japanese in 2013!

Included in its 194 lavishly illustrated B&W pages are chapters on:

 * The origins and history of this fascinating subject - 
    from ancient times to the present day.

 * Its evolution as an art form, from medieval martial
    art to modern erotic pleasure.

 * Thirty mini biographies of its most notable
    artists and practitioners throughout the years.

 * A new photo gallery for the Second Edition with 50        stunningly beautiful photographs of ties by shibari     artist and teacher Master “K”, many published here     for the first time!

 * An extensive and expanded glossary for the Second     Edition that describes and defines all of the classic     and current kinbaku ties and terms.

 * A clearly illustrated "How-to" section showing you         how to complete two of the most important ties
   upon which many tying patterns are based.

 * An extensive bibliography of all the English and     Japanese literature on this fascinating subject.

 * An index.


About the newly revised & updated 
softcover edition: