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Master “K”’s book, the first ever written and published in English telling the complete story of the remarkable, sensual and provocative world of Japanese erotic bondage, was so well-received that it has been translated into Japanese by Norio Yamamoto for a new edition being published in Tokyo by Suirensha. This highly-respected academic publisher saw great value in Master “K”’s research and scholarship as well as his deep appreciation for this inherently Japanese art form which has been taking the world by storm. Master “K” has told us that he could not be more honored nor more humbled by this turn of events! 

We could not be more proud nor more happy for him! 

The Japanese edition is being carried by a number of book stores including the international chain Kinokuniya as well as and we will also be carrying a few copies. 

Of course, the completely revised & updated English language second edition of  The Beauty of Kinbaku is available here.​

The Beauty of Kinbaku

Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese
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If you enjoy what you see here there's much more to experience in the latest book from renowned authority and teacher Master “K”, “The Beauty of Kinbaku”. For the first time in English, a book has been published which tells the complete story of this beautiful erotic art: its historical roots, artistic development, key personalities and intriguing techniques.  

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The Japanese language edition of The Beauty of Kinbaku - available at 

The completely revised and updated  edition of “The Beauty of Kinbaku” is now available.

Based on the best-selling 2013 Japanese language edition and approved by such kinbaku luminaries as Nureki Chimuo, Arisue Go,Yukimura Haruki, Osada Steve and many others, it features five new biographies of significant kinbaku practitioners in history, new illustrations, a completely updated glossary and index as well as an extensive new photo gallery with never before seen images.

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Kinbaku and Art-
Chapter 22

“East/West - A Modern Satsueikai"
Read the interview with Master “K” on the publication of the Second Edition of 
The Beauty of Kinbaku.

See and hear Naka Akira talk about his impression of Master “K” and The Beauty of Kinbaku in this video.