The Beauty of Kinbaku

Or everything you always wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized that you didn't speak Japanese

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"Kinbaku and Art" 

by Master "K"

It is with the greatest pleasure that I begin a new series of articles for this site. This time I'm going to be discussing the world of Kinbaku (Japanese erotic bondage) and Art (with a capital "A").

Of course, everyone knows that Kinbaku is itself an art form that can take many years to master but some might not be aware of the many ways Kinbaku has been incorporated into the worlds of painting, cinema, advertising, photography and even music! 

For instance, in the 1990's the rock musician Masami Akita released 2 CDs entitled "Music for Bondage Performance" on the Extreme label in Europe and Australia. These most modernist tracks were expressly conceived as accompaniment for bondage master Nureki Chimuo's legendary Kinbiken meetings, multi media BDSM performances and videos.

And then there are the numerous and famous "Pink Films" from Nikkatsu and other Japanese film studios that used Kinbaku as an integral part of each story and spawned the career of the legendary actress Naomi Tani ("Wife to be Sacrificed" and "Flower and Snake") among others and featured tying by the brilliant Urado Hiroshi.
I covered all of these subjects in "The Beauty of Kinbaku" but one of the great delights in doing the research for that book was in discovering the wealth of truly artistic materials, both historical and modern, that have been created around this fascinating erotic art. In truth, there was so much interesting material that for reasons of space and length I couldn't include it all! 

And then there is the research that has continued since the book was published. 

Therefore, in this next series of posts for 2013/2014 we will present:

A discussion of one of the most mysterious and talented artists of the "golden age" of Kinbaku in the 1960's and 70's: Ishizuka Yoshiyuki. 

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An article exploring how much that most famous and legendary, Western "bondage artist" John Willie, a man who by general consensus is considered one of the most talented people ever to work in the field of Western erotica, was influenced by Japanese Kinbaku.
An interview with the MOST FAMOUS BAKUSHI YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF. A man responsible for helping to create some of the most talked about recent Kinbaku images; images that have been seen worldwide in some of the world's most famous galleries and publications.

And first up, a two part post answering a question I'm often asked: "What are the most famous, beautiful, important Kinbaku photography books ... and can I still buy them?"
So join me in June for the first of two posts as I count down the 10 most beautiful, sexy, historically important and just plain great, Kinbaku photo/art books of all time (in my opinion, at least).
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